The Theme

Our theme revolves around seeking solutions to enhance Hong Kong’s natural environment and community.

Innovating to create a more mesmerising nature and a caring society for Hong Kong

With the backing and support from the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFCD) as well as the Social Welfare Department (SWD), the theme of the 2nd City I&T Grand Challenge centres around the utilisation of innovation and technology in two areas, namely to improve the user experience in country parks and campsites, and to support the carers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong offers a unique blend of nature and technological advancements where sustainable living and eco-friendly practices thrive. Country parks and special areas cover about 40% of Hong Kong’s total land area.  AFCD manages 24 country parks and 22 special areas for conservation, recreation, education, and tourism. These areas offer a wide range of outdoor activities and amenities, including hiking trails, mountain bike trails, nature trails, barbecue and picnic sites, and visitor centres. Additionally, there are 41 designated campsites at country parks throughout Hong Kong. Let's develop intelligent solutions that will enhance the management of country parks and campsites to offer safer and worry-free outdoor experiences for all!

Hong Kong as a caring and inclusive society recognises the significance of companionship and social interaction in fostering holistic well-being for both individuals in need and their carers. Through innovation and technology, we can enhance the quality of carer support services, creating a more connected and socially vibrant future. Let's come up with smart solutions that facilitate all-round support for carers, empowering them to effectively navigate the daily challenges!

What kinds of solutions are we looking for?

Data and technology

Using data and technology (e.g. IoT, ICT, 5G, AI, AR, VR, robotics, energy management and control systems, sensors and sensors network, healthcare devices and wearables)

Producing a prototype

Producing a prototype that can be piloted (if applicable)

Adopting technologies

Adopting technologies in a friendly way for a wide audience with the potential to be scaled up and induce behavioural change at large

Sub-theme 1 – I&T for Nature (Yama)

Hong Kong's Yama culture has sparked a surge in outdoor enthusiasts, with visitors to country parks reaching an estimated 12.1 million in 2022. Hiking has become a preferred activity across all age groups, attracting families, young adventurers, and retirees, who flock to the hiking trails weekdays or weekends. Additionally, the Government has actively promoted green tourism, attracting numerous tourists who come to explore Hong Kong's magnificent mountains and scenic coastlines, and even choose to experience the tranquil life in campsites.

The deep connection between mountains and water evokes positive emotions and embodies wisdom and care. How can we leverage innovation and technology to extend Hong Kong's unique natural landscapes, allowing more people to experience the Yama culture of Hong Kong? We seek your creative ideas to enhance the operation and management of country parks and enrich the nature experience for hikers.

Scope A
Operation and Management

Country parks and campsites

We are looking for solutions that utilise smart monitoring and management technology to modernise management of country parks and campsites to improve user safety and satisfaction.


  • Internet of Things (IoT) for remote park and campsite management
  • Hikers' health and safety monitoring and alert systems

Scope B
Experiencing Nature

Advanced nature exploration

We are looking for solutions that utilise smart technology for advanced mountain and ocean explorers.


  • Smart personal protection equipment
  • Safety monitoring and risk alert
  • Advanced rescue technology

Enjoying nature for leisure and education

We are looking for solutions that utilise technology to enhance outdoor leisure activities and edutainment for family and tourists.


  • Smart tour guide in nature
  • AR student edutainment

Sub-theme 2 – I&T for Community (Community Wellness)

According to the Hong Kong Council of Social Service’s estimation, there were over 1.12 million caregivers in Hong Kong in 2022. Carers play an important role in supporting elderly persons and persons with disabilities to live in the community.  They often feel physically and mentally exhausted from managing daily life and shouldering care responsibilities.

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) provide a wide range of support services for elderly persons, persons with disabilities and their carers in the community, while the Government has implemented a number of measures in recent years to enhance the support for carers on top of the existing services, with a view to enhancing their caring capabilities and relieving their stress.  

We believe that while innovative technology can offer comprehensive support to carers to address the challenges they face in daily life, it will also raise public awareness of the importance and needs of carers, and the related services provided to them.  

We need your creative ideas to propose concrete solutions to support carers in two scopes: (1) service management of organisations, as well as (2) community support for carers, so that we can walk hand in hand with them.  

Scope A
Service Management

1. Organisations Providing Elderly Services 

The challenges in caring for elderly persons based on their varying degrees of impairments, such as dementia, visual or hearing impairment, and chronic diseases.  Organisations providing elderly service need diverse skills and tools for efficient operation and management. We are seeking I&T solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service provision in these organisations. 

2. Organisation Providing Services for Persons with Disabilities

The care services for persons with disabilities encompass not only rehabilitation and medical supports, but a range of other support in daily living.  Different level and types1 of disability pose various operation and management challenges for organisations in their service provision. 

We are looking for I&T solutions to help organisations overcome operational difficulties, enhance service quality and management.

1 Including Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, Speech Impairment, Physical Disability, Autism, Mental Illness, Intellectual Disability, Visceral Disability/Chronic Illness, Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, and Specific Learning Difficulties

Scope B
Carer Support

1. Community support for carers

We seek to utilise I&T solutions to offer holistic support for carers. 


  • How smart solutions and resource matching can assist in caring for the frail elderly and elderly person with dementia
  • How technology can help carers learn care skills and knowledge to enhance their caring capacity and resilience to stress

2. Promoting community and family cohesion

We are looking for innovative ideas to strengthen the family cohesion, build caring and connected community, and enhance peer support.


  • Gamification to promote social and family responsibility
  • Technology to facilitate neighbour relationship