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PanopticHealth - Camera-based remote health monitoring solution

Vitals: Camera-based Health and Wellness Monitoring Solution

Take control of your health, simply with a smile!

Vitals, powered by PanopticAI, is an award-winning camera-based health and wellness monitoring solution that makes measuring, interpreting and managing personal health contactless, affordable and as easy as smiling at a camera. Built on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and signal processing, Vitals delivers comprehensive digital biomarkers with medical-grade accuracy in under 30 seconds. It can be installed on common consumer devices and used remotely or in person, revolutionising remote healthcare, personal wellness and much more.

Research driven

Vitals was developed in-house by our strong multidisciplinary R&D team, who are continuously enhancing our proprietary technology to meet evolving global healthcare needs. Its development is backed by rigorous global scientific review and international regulatory approval.


Our mission is to make remote healthcare diagnostically accurate, accessible and scalable with Vitals, our AI-based, hardware-agnostic health monitoring software suite. Designed to be a low-cost, low-barrier, future-forward solution for businesses and consumers, Vitals revolutionises how our health is measured, interpreted and managed.


We empower our strategic partners to meet the challenges of today and anticipate the trends of tomorrow by pioneering future-proof business applications in telemedicine, corporate wellness, construction, insurance, fitness, mental health, elderly care and more. We are also bringing the unique synergy between Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to a global audience, combining the best of both fields to advance breakthroughs in remote healthcare.


Sep 2022

Pilot Trial

Pilot trial has been completed with households at Kam Tin Village via Endeavour Environment Education Foundation in November. A pilot user: “Daily collection and recycling of food waste on-site could reduce the hygiene issue of food waste storage.”