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“Waste is not waste until you waste it – let’s cheers to change”

Breer is a food upcycling startup that collects unsold, uneaten, surplus bread and uses it to brew local craft beer. Breer is able to introduce a novel taste of beer in the Asian market, while remonetizing otherwise wasted resources. Beer is brewed with 3 main ingredients: 78% barley, 13% hops and 9% yeast. While supporting the local brewing businesses, Breer replaces the 78% of barley needed for beer with bread. To date, Breer has brewed over 12,000L of beer, saved over 10,000 kilograms of bread and launched 4 variants.

Breer’s 4000L brew for testing a new recipe

Breer used the time and exposure of the City I&T Grand Challenge to work on brewing a brand new type of beer.

Designing the labels for our beers with art jamming workshops

We involved individuals to create art for the labels to be used on our products.

Sampling of beer among key stakeholders around the city

After the beer was ready, we collected crucial customer feedback and had people enjoy the delicious beer!


Oct 2022

Pilot Trial

Pilot trial has been completed with Chinese University of Hong Kong, Kids4Kids and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in October. Co-founder: “We want to let the people in Hong Kong know that sustainability doesn’t have to come with sacrifices – it’s as easy as drinking a pint of beer to save the planet and reduce food waste.”